GotoSun & Sun

The Smart Solar Filter’s Goto Sun and Sun Tracking Technology forms a smart solution built on UNISTELLAR expertise that makes the experience of observing the Sun simple and safe, filled with excitement and discovery. This innovation makes it possible for the telescope to automatically point to the Sun, doing away with the tedious and potentially dangerous process of pointing manually. The telescope accurately locates the Sun by detecting and measuring the difference in brightness gradient in the sky. Once the Sun is centered, the technology makes it possible to continuously track it throughout the observation.
Optical Digital Hybrid

Requires Smart Solar Filter (only for EVSCOPE & EQUINOX)

During total eclipses, for example, this technology calculates the light gain and adjusts the exposure, allowing the operator to view the solar corona without having to remove and replace the filter at the end of the eclipse. It is possible to clearly distinguish the famed sunspots thanks to the highly resolved image produced by the large diameters of UNISTELLAR mirrors. It’s the sunspots, after all, that remind us the Sun is a living star, evolving through cycles o varying intensity.

How does it work?

Once the Smart Solar Filter is clipped onto the telescope, the Goto Sun Technology uses the ephemeris data gathered by the UNISTELLAR app to position the telescope on the vertical axis toward the Sun’s elevation. It scans the sky for the region where the light is most intense. The telescope’s orientation is then calibrated using a brightness gradient detection algorithm. In the last phase of precise centering, it verifies the location of the Sun’s circle, whose radius and brightness are known, locates its center, and fixes the position.
Optical Digital Hybrid
With the Sun Tracking function, the movement of the circle’s center is tracked in real time so that the center of the image is maintained throughout the observation. Even when clouds are present, the Sun’s theoretical position is used to continuously track the star’s predicted movement.

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