Optical Digital

Optical Digital Hybrid merges premium high-precision optics to focus light on a highly sensitive digital sensor, with a live image-processing capability of an onboard computer to simultaneously process the light signal.
Optical Digital Hybrid

Pioneering smart telescope technology

The patented Optical Digital Hybrid system combines the best of both optics and digital technology to deliver unparalleled, unrivaled space observation experience.

The Eagle Nebula or the Triangulum Galaxy reveal their colors and details with unprecedented brilliance for a consumer telescope.

How does Optical Digital Hybrid work?

UNISTELLAR telescopes feature onboard intelligence developed in our research laboratories, along with an ideal pairing of optics and highly sensitive electronics that make it possible to see both the deep sky and our solar system.

Optical Digital Hybrid

Through this unique combination, we have reinvented the telescope to perform live and automatic operations that revolutionize the space observation experience, amplifying light signal from celestial bodies in real time (Dynamic Signal Amplification); increasing the resolution (Amplified Resolution); filtering out light pollution (Deep Dark Technology); and autonomously pointing to any object the observer wants (Smart Star Finder).

These technologies allow the observer to see galaxies, stars, and nebulae in staggering detail and color, all in a matter of minutes.

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Are you tired of only seeing bright dots when observing the night sky through your standard telescope?

Would you like to see the cloudy colorful Nebulaes ? The wonderful shapes and details of Galaxies ? Its sounds impossible but that’s exactly what UNISTELLAR Technologies offer.

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Dynamic Signal Amplification

Instantly amplifies the incoming light signal from celestial objects by stacking and processing short exposures in real time.

Deep Dark Technology

Automatically filters out interference from city lights that would otherwise inhibit the digital sensors from picking up the signals from sky objects.

Nikon Eyepiece Technology

Provides breathtaking observation quality through a sophisticated lens assembly with OLED micro-display technology for ultra-high contrast.