Nikon High
Precision Optics

Nikon High Precision Optics is a technological innovation that is revolutionizing the world of telescopes. Odyssey are the first mirror telescopes that do not require manual adjustments. This innovation was achieved through a close collaboration between the research teams at Nikon and UNISTELLAR. Mirror telescopes are the most effective way to observe and explore the universe. They are able to capture the light signal from celestial objects more effectively by minimizing light loss, which allows them to reveal more detail without chromatic aberration. All major professional telescopes use mirrors, including the Giant Magellan Telescope in Chile and the James Webb Space Telescope.
Optical Digital Hybrid

Pioneering smart telescope technology

As a trade-off for their superior quality, mirror telescopes need to have their mirrors carefully and manually aligned on a regular basis to achieve the best possible image quality. Non-specialists may find them complex to use. With Nikon High Precision Optics, UNISTELLAR makes it possible for anyone to use mirror telescopes like a pro. The Pleiades cluster comes into sharp focus when using Odyssey telescopes, making astronomical observation a simple, easy experience.

How does it work?

Nikon High Precision Optics uses a high-tech process to seal the mirrors in the optical tube. This technology guarantees that the mirrors and the optical tube will always be perfectly aligned, regardless of temperature changes or vibrations the telescope experiences while being transported.


This makes UNISTELLAR telescopes the first of their kind to have mirrors that do not need to be adjusted. Of course, there are telescopes that don’t require adjustments, whose optics are comprised of lenses. Such telescopes generally have the disadvantage of focusing light less effectively and producing blurred images, often with iridescent outlines.

Optical Digital Hybrid

With this innovation, UNISTELLAR facilitates perfect focusing and light reflection, crucial for superior observation of infinitely distant objects that emit a very weak light signal.


UNISTELLAR uses high-quality parabolic mirrors made from technical glass with aluminum coating. The 82mm primary mirror of the Odyssey telescopes offers excellent performance in terms of resolution. Additionally, the short focal length allows for an incredibly compact telescope size for this level of observation quality.

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Dynamic Signal Amplification

Instantly amplifies the incoming light signal from celestial objects by stacking and processing short exposures in real time.

Deep Dark Technology

Automatically filters out interference from city lights that would otherwise inhibit the digital sensors from picking up the signals from sky objects.

Nikon Eyepiece Technology

Provides breathtaking observation quality through a sophisticated lens assembly with OLED micro-display technology for ultra-high contrast.