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The best telescope  is the one you use

At UNISTELLAR, we believe the best telescope is the one you use often. Our smart telescopes are designed for frequent use, unlike traditional models that end up forgotten due to their complexity and poor performance. With UNISTELLAR Smart Telescopes, stargazing is easy, accessible, and captivating every night.

262 million

photos taken

291,026 HOURS

Of sky observations (33+ years)

25,000 Users

Regular users

“UNISTELLAR has created a nearly foolproof instrument that even novice skywatchers will have a blast with.”

“UNISTELLAR’s smart telescope has made exploring the stars easier than ever before.”


A true revolution in astronomical observation, UNISTELLAR’s exclusive Dynamic Signal Amplification Technology increases the light signal in real time. The levels of intensity, detail and coloration obtained are unprecedented in the world of consumer telescopes.

Saturn, Jupiter, Moon, sculptor Galaxy & Helix Nebula shot with UNISTELLAR Smart Telescopes


There’s no need to make tedious adjustments, use bulky equipment or plan your observation nights in advance: UNISTELLAR smart telescopes tell you which object to observe according to your position, point at it and follow it automatically.


Control your smart telescope from your smartphone or tablet with the UNISTELLAR App. Navigate the cosmos, capture your astronomical discoveries with a simple click, and share unforgettable memories with family and friends.

Curiosity Fueled Innovation

Loaded With Advanced Technology

We’re merging advanced engineering with user-friendly design to unlock the mysteries of the universe.