Pioneers of New Astronomy

Our Story

It all started with two friends who shared a dream. They wanted to observe the beauty of the stars in the night sky with their own eyes. But the telescopes they had could barely make out any details. Then one of them had a brilliant idea: why not harness the light emitted by the stars?

The Telescope Reinvented.

Unistellar is reimagining the telescope, creating a gateway for anyone to explore and understand the universe and blending the thrill of discovery with the pursuit of scientific advancement.

Innovative Design, Intuitive Exploration

Every aspect of our smart telescopes is designed for intuitive use, ensuring that the cosmos is just a glance away for both seasoned astronomers and curious beginners alike.

CES Awards 2022

Digital Imaging & Photography

CES Award 2022
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Tech for a Better World

CES Award 2022

Our Partners

Unistellar proudly collaborates with NASA, the SETI Institute, and Nikon, uniting space exploration and optical expertise to revolutionize access to the Cosmos for everyone.


The “UNISTELLAR Network Investigating TESS Exoplanets (UNITE)” project has been a cornerstone of NASA’s citizen science program since December 2022.

SET Institute

Our community collaborates with SETI to observe asteroids, detect exoplanets, monitor planetary defense, and study comets and supernovae.

SETI Institute

Under a master joint development agreement, Unistellar and Nikon are uniting their expertise to advance the field of digital astronomical telescope technology.