ODYSSEY Smart & Digital Telescopes

A seamlessly inspiring journey to the stars


Designed to take you on a journey, the ODYSSEY line of Smart & Digital Telescopes opens the doors to a universe of boundless wonders, ready to be explored.

“UNISTELLAR has created a nearly foolproof instrument that even novice skywatchers will have a blast with.”

“UNISTELLAR’s smart telescope has made exploring the stars easier than ever before.”

An entire universe to observe

Unistellar’s Odyssey line of smart telescopes deliver the most detailed views of the universe. Their versatility allows you to admire everything from Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, Saturn’s magnificent rings and the Moon’s craters to deep-sky nebulae, galaxies, and star clusters.

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Saturn, Jupiter, Moon, sculptor Galaxy & Helix Nebula shot with UNISTELLAR Smart Telescopes

You’re one click away from the universe

Not sure where to start? UNISTELLAR’s mobile app features exclusive Smart Star Finder technology to automatically suggest the best objects to observe in real time, no matter where you are or what time it is.

Easy to set up

No need to adjust the focus or collimation to enjoy the show with unparalleled clarity! Stellar AutoFocus technology guarantees an exceptionally sharp and detailed image throughout your observation experience.

Take it anywhere

Compact and lightweight at just 4 kg, UNISTELLAR’s ODYSSEY line of smart telescopes can go with you anywhere. The ideal companion for your celestial adventures, from the outdoors to your balcony.

ODYSSEY & ODYSSEY PRO Smart Digital Telescope iPhone & Android Compatible Rigorous Computerized GOTO Point & Track, 85mm Aperture. ODYSSEY PRO is equiped with Nikon Eyepiece Technology.


ODYSSEY $2,299   |   ODYSSEY PRO $3,999

Or starting at $104 / month

Exploration, UNISTELLAR’s DNA

With our smart telescopes, you can enjoy discovering and understanding the universe, and you can even share your exciting finds.

An unparalleled visual experience

Unprecedented levels of intensity, detail and coloration in the world of consumer telescopes.

A journey worth sharing

Thanks to the UNISTELLAR app. Capture your astronomical discoveries with a simple click and share unforgettable memories with family and friends.


Available on iOS and Android


All of UNISTELLAR’s expertise concentrated in the first portable smart telescope that turns space exploration into a true adventure.

Exlusive to UNISTELLAR: Nikon Eyepiece Technology
Add immersive depth to your observation


With the ODYSSEY PRO and its electronic eyepiece developed in collaboration with Nikon, enjoy the sensation of breathtaking immersion thanks to infinity vision. UNISTELLAR’s ODYSSEY PRO and EVSCOPE 2 models are the only intelligent telescopes in the world to be equipped with an eyepiece.



Clean and modern lines serving cutting-edge technology for an out-of-this-world experience: the telescope has been transformed into a thing of beauty.

Stand out / Look Up

Stand out from the crowd with the striking ODYSSEY PRO Red Edition. Its vibrant color lines isn’t just eye-catching – it’s a statement. Explore the universe in style and REDefine stargazing.

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Rediscover stargazing without leaving the city

Image processing algorithms and Deep Dark Technology reduce city light pollution. Observe the stars from the comfort of your balcony in the city and make astronomy part of your daily life.

Real-time observation

UNISTELLAR’s Odyssey and Odyssey Pro smart telescopes display celestial views directly on your smartphone or tablet in real time, going beyond simply capturing images like other telescopes, for immersive, out-of-this-world observation of planets and stars with family or friends.

Join an enthusiastic community

Collaborate with amateurs and experts in all corners of the world and exchange knowledge to speed up progress in the field of astronomy.

Space exploration fun and beyond


With UNISTELLAR telescopes, you can take part in international observation campaigns and make scientific discoveries in partnership with astronomers at NASA and the SETI Institute.


Join our community of passionate stargazers

  • Engage directly with us to enhance your stargazing adventure and influence the future of Unistellar.
  • Dive into a supportive atmosphere where fellow enthusiasts inspire and uplift each other in their cosmic pursuits.
  • Connect with both passionate observers and Unistellar experts. Exchange tips, tricks, and insights.
  • Share your unique celestial moments and discoveries, igniting awe and wonder in fellow members.
  • Access exclusive updates on observing recommendations, app features, telescope usage tips, and upcoming science events to enrich your astronomical endeavors.
  • Explore thrilling astronomical events and stay abreast of space-related news.


Choose between the 2 models ODYSSEY and ODYSSEY PRO

The 2 models are identical in terms of specifications, the difference being that the ODYSSEY PRO is equipped with an eyepiece (Nikon Eyepiece Technology developed jointly with Nikon).



Mount: Motorized Alt-Az

GoTo: Motorized (one-click)


Mirror diameter: 85 mm

Focal length: 320 mm

Focal ratio: f/3.9

Field of view: 33.6 x 45 arcmin

Magnitude Limit: 17.2

Pixel size: 1.45µm

Resolution power: 1.68 arcseconds

Sampling: 0.93 arcseconds


Compatibility: iOS and Android

Connectivity: Wi-Fi

Battery life: 5h

Storage capacity: 64 GB

Tripod : Included