A major innovation in the automatic focusing of ODYSSEY telescopes is Stellar Autofocus, which ensures perfect sharpness throughout the observation.
This solution is distinctive these days because traditional telescopes require manual focusing at the start of—and sometimes during—each observation, depending on the celestial objects being observed.
Optical Digital Hybrid

Pioneering smart telescope technology

The idea behind UNISTELLAR’s autofocus system for astronomical observation was inspired by the autofocus used in cameras. Our engineers worked with Nikon to develop the algorithms and mechanisms that automatically focus to achieve an extremely precise image.
ODYSSEY systematically refocuses whenever necessary during observation. The end result is incredibly sharp, crystal-clear images and breathtaking observation quality all evening long. Anyone can now freely explore the wonders of outer space thanks to UNISTELLAR, who makes telescopes easy. Star fields seem to be within reach, and the Great Hercules Cluster appears with astonishing precision.

How does Stellar Autofocus work?

Stellar Autofocus is a specific autofocus mode developed by UNISTELLAR for astronomical observation. The autofocus systems that we are familiar with only work in daylight—on landscapes or portraits—whereas sky images are primarily composed of blackness and points of light (stars).
Optical Digital Hybrid
It was therefore necessary to develop a novel focusing algorithm and pair it with a small module comprised of a micromotor and a digital sensor. The algorithm engages the module’s motorization to adjust its settings autonomously until the stars appear as small as possible—and thus perfectly sharp.
The focus is impeccable, fast, and robust, under any observation conditions.

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Would you like to see the cloudy colorful Nebulaes ? The wonderful shapes and details of Galaxies ? Its sounds impossible but that’s exactly what UNISTELLAR Technologies offer.

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Instantly amplifies the incoming light signal from celestial objects by stacking and processing short exposures in real time.

Deep Dark Technology

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