Venera 13

I am mostly done wiring up the new terrain engine. It leverages the level 7 data from the 1991 Venus Magellan C1-MIDR compressed DATA at a whopping 12.6 GB!

For fun, I flew out to the landing site of the Venera 13 to get some samples of the ground color at the surface.


Without changing the base texture it is pretty darn close (sample taken from the above image and compared above the color-corrected Venera 13 panorama).


I was able to note the 0% and 100% integrals (represented by low and high values) and the peak of the curve (represented by gamma). Sending it off to Arms of Venus to see if they can suggest adjustments that can be applied on-the-fly to the base texture and/or a high-frequency detail layer that can be applied in the shader.


Weekend Update

Quite the weekend! The simulator and I really made the rounds…

  • Friday I brought it by the company picnic at my office and let my boss and my mentor try their hand at the controls
  • Saturday my family and extended family took it to the Overland Park Fall Festival parade and handed out 25 pounds of candy and 250 flyers
  • Sunday my family took it to my daughter’s elementary school carnival and raffled off a 2 hour block as a fundraiser
  • Monday I took it to the Blue Valley CAPS engineering courtyard to demonstrate it for some high school students that are working on a flight simulator as part of the program

Indiegogo campaign came to a close late last night – final tally of $458! Once Indiegogo sends the funds I will put the order in for the t-shirts.

The weekend revealed a few issues. These will need to be addressed before it is moved in the back for the winter…

  • Nuisance GFCI trips on the generator (switching to a non-GFCI twist-lock plug)
  • An apparent short-circuit in the 24 VDC bus (seems to be related to the motion of the platform)
  • Door weatherization, actuator speed, internal electric compressor and additional sensors
  • Need to move PSU to UPS power so door can open during power failure