Nikon Eyepiece

Nikon Eyepiece Technology, the electronic eyepiece experience developed in collaboration with Nikon, provides breathtaking observation quality. This eyepiece combines a sophisticated lens assembly with OLED micro-display technology for ultra-high contrast.
Optical Digital Hybrid

Pioneering smart telescope technology

This precision optical assembly enables the image to be projected to infinity, providing optimal visual comfort as well as the palpable sensation of being immersed in space. A diopter adjustment wheel allows you to adjust the eyepiece to fit your vision.

Nikon Eyepiece Technology produces a clear image with deep blacks and vibrant colors, highlighting every detail of the observation. The Sombrero Galaxy’s black edge or the Lagoon Nebula’s emissions stand out perfectly and appear almost within reach.

How does Nikon Eyepiece Technology work?

The Nikon Eyepiece Technology alone accomplishes several feats to improve observation quality. Its carefully chosen lens assembly projects the image transmitted by the OLED micro-display to infinity. When the eye looks through the eyepiece, the brain adjusts the vision to infinity, and the observer feels completely immersed in the vastness of the cosmos. In contrast, when the observation is made on a phone or computer screen, the brain adjusts to perceive short-distance vision. It then experiences cognitive dissonance with what it knows to be infinitely distant. During the observation, the feeling of immersion is diminished.
Optical Digital Hybrid
Benefit: Because optical infinity is the natural resting position of the human eye, our eyepiece eliminates ophthalmic fatigue and the discomforts of prolonged observation. As a result, it feels particularly pleasant and restful. Nikon Eyepiece Technology also employs an OLED micro-display with a contrast ratio of 100,000:1. Details pop out dramatically, and blacks become as dark as they would be in outer space. Nikon’s quality and expertise are also evident in the eyepiece, which is a high-precision assembly of four spherical and aspherical lenses that creates a system free of any optical aberration. The sky is completely unobscured, granting the observer a clear view of the stars and celestial bodies.

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Nikon Eyepiece Technology

Provides breathtaking observation quality through a sophisticated lens assembly with OLED micro-display technology for ultra-high contrast.