We are excited to announce that the Unistellar mobile app is receiving a major update with version 3.0, available January 3, 2024. This update includes a redesign that gives our user interface a new look and feel. This visual refresh is crucial as Unistellar smart telescopes enter a new era.


The primary goal of this update was to redesign the interface, improve the user experience with new features, and lay the groundwork for future enhancements. We have added a number of new features in response to feedback from our community. These include the following three new features:

1 – Intuitive Home Page

Centralize important information about your telescope, including its battery level, available memory, and settings. Connect to Wi-Fi easily, access the catalogue to start stargazing, learn about scientific missions near you, and find answers quickly in our Help Center.

2 – Enhanced Moon Observation

Enjoy an exceptional Enhanced Vision experience thanks to our new live image processing. Among the top 20 most-observed objects, the Moon now provides a nearly immersive observing experience.

3 – Smooth Navigation

We’ve optimized the app’s observation screens, where you spend the majority of your time. This new version focuses on the essentials with smoother, horizontal swipe navigation.

All of these updates share one goal: to enhance your observing experience by making it more efficient and enjoyable.
Download version 3.0 now from the Play Store or App Store, and see our
complete guide in our Help Center. 

If you have any questions or need assistance, please use our contact form to reach our after-sales service team.


We look forward to accompanying you on this new stellar observation adventure with Unistellar!

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