Smart Solar Filter

Unlock the secrets of our nearest star and uncover the awe-inspiring mysteries of solar activity with the Unistellar Smart Solar Filter – the perfect tool for safe and effortless solar observations in under 2 minutes with your UNISTELLAR Smart Telescope.

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Unistellar Smart Solar Filter

Unlock the secrets of the Sun

Experience the beauty of the Sun’s ever-changing activity and observe its striking sunspots and faculae – temporary phenomena on the Sun’s photosphere, created by intense magnetic field flux. With the Unistellar Smart Solar Filter and Solar mode in the Unistellar App, you can easily track the Sun and monitor the fluctuating Sunspot number, which ranges in size from 16 km to 160,000 km and can last from a few days to several months. Get ready to discover the stunning features of the Sun with the Unistellar Smart Solar Filter.

For a better user experience, we integrated our Goto Sun and Sun Tracking Technology. With our smart telescopes, you will be able to witness the Sun, take captures with the App, and share them with your friends and family. However, the day’s brightness may make it difficult for you to look through the eyepiece, and the image may be faint.


Unistellar Smart Solar Filter

Seamless All-in-One Solar experience

Observing the Sun has never been easier, faster or safer. Our cutting-edge Solar Experience feature includes a smart GoTo Sun capability within the Unistellar App, enabling you to effortlessly observe the Sun. All you need to do is connect your telescope during the daytime, attach the Smart Solar Filter, and with the Unistellar App, GoTo the Sun automatically.


  • A new solar experience available on Unistellar App (iOS & Android)
  • Smart Go-To Sun function Observe the Sun in less than 2 Minutes
  • Safely Experience With Your Family
  • Witness once-in-a-lifetime solar events
  • Snap & Share pictures
Unistellar App Screenshot

Goto Sun and Sun Tracking Technology


The Smart Solar Filter’s Goto Sun and Sun Tracking Technology forms a smart solution built on Unistellar expertise that makes the experience of observing the Sun simple and safe, filled with excitement and discovery.

This innovation makes it possible for the telescope to automatically point to the Sun, doing away with the tedious and potentially dangerous process of pointing manually. The telescope accurately locates the Sun by detecting and measuring the difference in brightness gradient in the sky. Once the Sun is centered, the technology makes it possible to continuously track it throughout the observation.

Goto Sun Technology

Unlock the secrets of the Sun

Safely witness incredible celestial events with the Unistellar Smart Solar Filter.

On October 14, 2023, our community successfully caught the “Ring of Fire ‘’ during the annular eclipse. This year on April 8, 2024, you can witness a total solar eclipse with the chance to see the “diamond ring” effect.

These once-in-a-lifetime opportunities can be exclusively viewed with the Unistellar Smart Solar Filter from America with other events scheduled in Europe in 2026.

Total Eclipse

A solar total eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, thereby obscuring the view of the Sun from a small part of the Earth, totally.

Annular Eclipse

An annular eclipse occurs when the Moon eclipses the Sun while it is at its farthest point from Earth, making it appear too small to block out the entire solar disk.

Filter design closup
Filter design closup

The safest way to observe the Sun

Experience the next solar eclipse with your loved ones and enjoy the ultimate peace of mind with the Unistellar Smart Solar Filter. Designed to fit perfectly onto your telescope, guaranteeing it remains secure during use. Crafted from a premium polymer sheet, the Smart Solar Filter is built to withstand the test of time, reducing 100,000 times the intensity of the Sun’s light for optimal viewing while also safeguarding your telescope.

Whether you’re observing through the eyepiece or via your smartphone, rest assured that the Smart Solar Filter is 100% safe and poses no threat to your eyes. With the Unistellar Smart Solar Filter.

eQuinox 2 Solar Filter

Warning : For your safety, Unistellar strongly advises against viewing the Sun with your naked eye or pointing your telescope at the Sun without the appropriate solar filter. Additionally, it is strictly prohibited to remove the solar filter during any solar observation. Take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your equipment and enjoy the wonders of the cosmos safely with the Unistellar Smart Solar Filter.

Tech Specs

Filter Category

White light solar filter

Light Reduction

-100.000 x Sun’s light

  • EVSCOPE (1&2)
  • EQUINOX (1&2)

Polymer sheet



114 (For EQUINOX 2 & EVSCOPE 2)