EVSCOPE 2 or EQUINOX 2, Which one meets your needs

As pioneers in crafting high-quality telescopes, we’re committed to bringing you the best possible tools to unlock your cosmic curiosity. Here, we compare two of our top-tier products, the eQuinox 2 and eVscope 2, to aid you in choosing the perfect partner for your astronomical journey.

Shared Features

Both eQuinox 2 and eVscope 2 incorporate our proprietary image stacking algorithm and variable exposure time to give you an immersive and live viewing experience. These algorithms compensate for small field movements, field of view rotation, and correct for light pollution through our proprietary Deep Dark Technology. The result is an incredibly neat image, directly viewable in the exclusive eyepiece of the eVscope 2. Meanwhile, both eVscope 2 and eQuinox 2 users can enjoy this same clarity through their smartphones or tablets via our dedicated app.
With either of these telescopes, there’s no need for a separate camera to capture and share photos. Their advanced sensors offer an optimal combination of resolution and sensitivity. You can effortlessly retrieve images directly on your smartphone or tablet, sharing your cosmic discoveries with the world.

eVscope 2: The Ultimate Smart Telescope

The eVscope 2 differentiates itself by surpassing the boundary of detail, offering an even higher resolution than the eQuinox 2 at 7.7Mp vs. 6.2. This full-fledged telescope is the epitome of a fully immersive stargazing experience, bringing the cosmos to your fingertips with remarkable clarity.

A standout feature of the eVscope 2 is an ingenious eyepiece, co-designed with our optical partner, Nikon. It’s meticulously engineered to maximize your comfort during observation sessions, ensuring an unstrained vision even during prolonged use or when you wear glasses.

What makes Unistellar Smart Telescopes unique

Are you tired of the underwhelming experience of observing the night sky through a conventional telescope, where all you see are mere bright dots?

Imagine a world where you can witness the breathtaking beauty of cloudy, colorful nebulas and delve into the intricate shapes and mesmerizing details of galaxies. With Unistellar’s groundbreaking technologies, this seemingly impossible dream becomes a reality.
Prepare to be amazed as your stargazing adventures reach new heights, unlocking a universe of wonders like never before.

Comparison table between the eVscope 2, eQuinox 2 and a standard telescope.


eVscope 2

eQuinox 2

eQuinox 2