Weekend Update

Quite the weekend! The simulator and I really made the rounds…

  • Friday I brought it by the company picnic at my office and let my boss and my mentor try their hand at the controls
  • Saturday my family and extended family took it to the Overland Park Fall Festival parade and handed out 25 pounds of candy and 250 flyers
  • Sunday my family took it to my daughter’s elementary school carnival and raffled off a 2 hour block as a fundraiser
  • Monday I took it to the Blue Valley CAPS engineering courtyard to demonstrate it for some high school students that are working on a flight simulator as part of the program

Indiegogo campaign came to a close late last night – final tally of $458! Once Indiegogo sends the funds I will put the order in for the t-shirts.

The weekend revealed a few issues. These will need to be addressed before it is moved in the back for the winter…

  • Nuisance GFCI trips on the generator (switching to a non-GFCI twist-lock plug)
  • An apparent short-circuit in the 24 VDC bus (seems to be related to the motion of the platform)
  • Door weatherization, actuator speed, internal electric compressor and additional sensors
  • Need to move PSU to UPS power so door can open during power failure


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