Tuesday, November 9, 1999

Once again, please excuse the lack of updates of this site as of late. We were counting on the weather turning cooler so that we would be forced indoors and have more time to work on ship systems, but it has been unseasonably warm. Under current development are the following projects:

1. Damage control and simulation is being completed finally. The database has been done for almost a year but none of the components were tied to simulate actual failures. Also, the dependency issues were very complicated between components and their associated linkages, power requirements, and etc. An easier way has been found to describe all of this for the computers which is why we are moving very quickly to finish this now.

2. A crew login system has been created to keep track of flight hours logged at different positions and experience such as crashes and successful landings and docking attempts. Once completed, we will post a link under Meet the Crew describing the ranking system and the ranks will from then on be based on that system.

3. A Flight Data Recorder (FDR) has been added so that telemetry and systems information is dumped once every 1/18th of a second. Once this system is tested, the FDR output will be made available under Mission Archives. We are looking for someone with Windows programming exprience to perhaps make a program that animates flights similar to what the NTSB uses for airliner accidents. If anyone is interested, we will give our full support and perhaps be able to offer monetary compensation if necessary. Contact Jason Reskin under Meet the Crew if you are interested.

4. Continued work will be completed on updating the flight management screens when the damage control is completed. Underlying physical properties of the universe are becoming more accurate in simulating drag and control surface actuation in the atmosphere. The motion control system has never worked better or more responsively.

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