Status Update

Currently still waiting on the bolts for the monitors to be delivered. They finally shipped and FedEx says they are on the truck for tomorrow. I will be mounting the 55″ front-center only as that is the only one that I have acquired so far. Once it is installed we can create a removable frame, work on the stenciling and ansiotropy.

The door actuator made it all the way here and then USPS decided that the address was insufficient. I am guessing the label got damaged beyond legibility somehow which I guess can happen from time to time. Now we have to wait for it to be returned (should have been received yesterday) and then shipped out again. Now it looks like it went to Des Moines and is now back in town somewhere… it is getting quite the tour! Needless to say I need the actuator in order to design out the back wall and sliding mechanisms.

I got the 4-pin connectors for the ejection seat motors but have no idea what the pin-out is supposed to be. I also received the coupler for the ejection seat release plunger but have decided not to mess with dissasembling the catapult.

I am planning to buy some of the 2″ foam insulation that I will ultimately need anyway and cut out the rest of the monitors from it so I can complete the mock-up. This will be done with the December budget.

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