Retaining Ring Woes


Bought a retaining ring tool from Home Depot for $22 in the wrench section.

Had to remove my NPT connections as they keep you from removing the cylinder ends. Squeeze the tool and move the ring away from all edges and pull up I needed three hands.

Packing kit is universal. Of all the parts included I only needed the O-rings for the rod, 2 ends, and piston along with the new sleeve bearing for the rod.

One down, one more to do. I am picking up a replacement U-joint today fit the one I broke.

One thought on “Retaining Ring Woes

  1. reskin Post author

    Completed the other packing kit installation. I finished paintball late last Saturday so I didn’t get to the salvage yard until after they closed at 3:30pm. Hoping to reschedule this weekend.


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