Numatics E223G033V

What a find!  This guy on eBay is selling 14 of these (I need 4) … starting bid was $3.99!


The listing says NPT but the “G” in the model means BSPP (G-tap) so I started my hunt for adapters and bushings.  Came up with nothing in the 3/8 BSPP Male to either 3/4 hose barb or 1/2 FNPT routes.  So I started digging deeper including reaching out to Numatics.

I got to the “V” in the model number… nothing appears in the catalog so I reached out to Numatics.  Even though they made it, the response I got was “might be Viton seals but not 100% sure”.  Other Numatics products that offer Viton seals use the letter “F” for ordering … but it doesn’t seem to matter for the temperatures I am running at (any seal type would do).

A few hours before the bidding closed I found out about the Sentronic D… based on this chart we may be better off with the Sentronic D instead of the E22.

9-19-2013 9-47-22 AM

I ended up winning the auction for less than $15 a piece but then I was torn between trying one more technology (and potentially being stuck with another specialized $450 gizmo) or cutting my losses and use something that I know works acceptably for a steal.  Well, this is a learning experience too so I am getting a Sentronic D on the way for full weight tests again.  If it works out better, I will need more than 5A at 24VDC to power them.

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