Motion Tests Day 7

Design weight of 1800 pounds loaded up!

So the good news is that the weight can be moved around and main actuator is holding the weight.  The bad news is that, although the weight is evenly distributed about the pivot point, the CG is moving around (something I should have accounted for).  Basically as the platform tilts forward more of the weight is ahead of the pivot point and it continues to get worse until it hits the bottom of the piston.  And the weight ahead of the CG exceeded the 200 pound capacity of the pistons so we were dead in the water.

I came up with a solution using springs to counteract the effect of the CG moving forward – basically the springs will keep it in a neutrally stable situation where the actuators are responsible strictly for positioning.  This should make the calculations simpler as well.  In an effort to get a spring load I took our bathroom scale out.  The bathroom scale is destroyed but best I can gather is we are looking at 160-190 pounds. The CG will be higher in the completed product so I doubled that capacity with the spring.

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