Motion Tests Day 4

Yes, I know I didn’t document any findings from day 3 and that is because it was a complete regression.  We had some luck today and added a new feature – data recording!

We are definitely getting somewhere… with the goal to put weight on it soon.  Now I just have to make sense of the motion tests 5-26-2012 data.  I will need to add a separate “weight” slider for roll (lateral) than pitch (longitudinal) because the roll actuators are much more responsive.  I also need to figure up a minimum “overvoltage” to break static friction and get the platform moving on command.  The aggression should probably be divided by 10 so that we can select a more fine tuned value.

On another note, testing these old Planar Toshiba LTM10C942 (640×480 10″) LCD monitors that run at 75Hz with the AV-620 works great (they don’t advertise the 640×480 because the Windows 7 UI doesn’t show it as an option but if you drill into Advanced Settings -> List All Modes you will see it in there.

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