Motion Control (Part 2)

I wrote about this little USB tilt sensor I found back in October.

I am not recommending this unit for purposes of motion control. The unit firmly affixed to a desk shows a +/- 5 degree variance which would A) require some kind of algorithm to smooth the input and B) make it off by 5 degrees at any given time. The effect I am seeing in my computer models is an oscillation due to latency  and the existing error.

I am very pleased with the D/A controller I got from Phidgets and stumbled upon the fact that they also sell a tilt sensor that is marketed more as an accelerometer.

I have one on the way and plan to play with the code on the next rainy day.


Moving right along, I attached a new picture of the platform with the plywood sheathing completed.

I have since put fiberglass batting in the cavities and installed the 1/2 plywood floor where Ferro’s feet go. Next step is painting/weatherizing the parts exposed outside. Finally I have to drill the holes for the universal joints. Then I need to find 2 or 3 people to help me carry it and lift it into position!

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