My dad purchased one of these 3500W units for $300… best deal going.  Includes 220V service, 120V service, 12V service.  Runs pretty smooth and surprisingly quiet for 7HP.

We connected a 520W air conditioner directly to the generator.  With the other plug we connected an APC RS 700 UPS (line interactive) with about 160W load on the UPS.

The UPS would stay online with the low sensitivity setting and widest berth on allowable voltages but each time the compressor would kick on in the AC because of the thermostat we would lose enough that it would have to switch to battery for a few seconds.

Finally we tried the above power line conditioner. It didn’t seem to help the UPS at all regarding the sensitivity setting (comes from the factory on “medium”). I am definitely not sold on this unit.

We are going to do some more tests this weekend with and without the power line conditioner but using APC SC 1500 UPS instead.

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