Berth Instructions


FOR USE WITH Berth, Retractable

USDC regulations (81.15) require use of restrainment devices during      docking/undocking procedures, dustoff and planetfall                 operations, or any other time indicated by the flight crew.

USDC regulations (955.9) require all occupants to have seats   available.  If berthing is to be used, the maximum cabin            occupant capacity falls rom five to four occupants.

Procedure listed is for extension.

Follow procedure in reverse order for retraction.



1. Remove beverages and retract beverage holders

2. Slide passenger chairs to full forward position

3. Remove chair headrests and securely stow

4. Fold chairs to position one notch away from wall

5. Unlock latch and gently guide the berth down

6. Ingress using overhead handles and chair as step





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