Battery Master

Tried to get some power going so I flipped the switch.  Nothing happened.  Cool, first time I get to work through the schematics.  Turns out it was a design flaw.

I don’t want all the current from the battery to all the systems to run through the cockpit… requires a thicker, heavier cable and increases the danger of fire, shock, etc.  So instead we have a “battery power relay” which basically feeds the “battery direct bus” when the solenoid is on.  The problem is you cannot run the solenoid without power to begin with!

2-15-2014 3-44-35 PM

Second attempt was to simply run a line from the battery to the switch and then back to the battery power relay.  Problem is because both lines are from the same system the component treats them as redundant loops and will only use one.  Therefore when power comes from the switch it uses that connection completely circumventing my intention of not having all the current driven to the cockpit!

Solution I haven’t tested yet is to have a new “control voltage” system so that the components don’t think it is a redundant loop.  My concern there is that the component won’t know which system to load without programming that into the “relay” class.

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