Monthly Archives: January 2017

Shut Down Paragalactic Attractions

Sorry I haven’t posted about this sooner! It is with mixed feelings that I ceased operations backĀ on September 1, 2016. Not enough bookings and insurance costs over $200 a month year-round. I guess I half-hoped that someone would be like “noooo” and force me to stay open but the only contact I had was someone trying to redeem a voucher we had donated in July.

The Dropship is now permanently parked in my backyard and I sold my truck since the only reason we kept it was to pull the Dropship.

I ran a heavy gauge wire around the fence to the Dropship along with a new breaker and additional GFCI outlet outside.

My daughter had her 9th birthday party November 12, 2016… the girls loved flying the Dropship over and over again! They wished that 3 could fit in the warm cockpit (it was cold outside) so I bought a jumpseat which I will install as soon as the weather is nice again.

The girls also asked about the next “level” or scenario which has given me a goal for 2017!

The website went dark on December 31, 2016. It has been a great run, mostly at a loss financially, but that would be true if it was a hobby… which is what it will always remain! AND it is best to try and fail than never to have tried at all!