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Maker Faire 2016

Overall it was our biggest success yet!


We operated continuously Saturday with only one power hiccup about half way through… someone on our block blew the fuse! Fortunately it was between rides so no one noticed a thing.

Overnight someone shut off our generator again… but we anticipated it this time and only had the air conditioners running to cool it down from the long day.

Sunday we were neck and neck with our Saturday performance (only trailing by one ride) until 2 PM when the flight stick was broken.


The damage looks like it was malicious but the CVVRs for the last 2 rides doesn’t show any vandalism. I am hoping to fix it rather than replace it since these run about $200. I am still not quite sure how they got the large square peg through a small round hole without damaging anything else.

The event was shut down early (just before 4 PM) due to approaching inclement weather so we technically would have only lost about 2 hours of revenue. However, the weather never actually came and they made us sit around until 5 PM before we could hook up the trailer and leave.

It turns out that some of these makers are actually paid by the Faire to participate and offer rides to all ticket holders. They were also allowed to pack up starting about 4:30 PM ahead of everyone else which seems unfair since we paid $200 for the booth.