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I removed the “Advertising” section from the navigation and put an “FAQ” section between “About” and “Booking” to answer some common questions I get from prospective clients. Let me know if there is something else you think should be on there (or moved from another tab like “About” or “Booking”).

Paragalactic Attractions FAQ

No-Bake (Geometryless) Clouds

5-22-2016 9-42-10 AM

The hard deck of the cloud base layer rendered here purely using shaders!

It uses a fullscreen quad which resembles the near plane of the viewing frustum which means the depth/stencil evaluation is worthless… so we have to do a painters’ algorithm to render the clouds before the models and terrain for proper sorting below the cloud layer.

I am pretty confident that this will preclude ships or structures from rendering correctly if the subject model is in the scud layer below the hard deck… but I have to work on the scud layer first before we will know what the effect is.

Raymarch Cloud Quiltwork

5-21-2016 8-49-20 PM

Finally made some headway yesterday and today on getting the frustum corner vectors properly computed and transformed. This preliminary pixel shader is showing the ray interception at 47 km (1km below the actual hard deck) where we will start our marching!

The quiltwork shows the level 7 panels that make up the clouds based on UV coordinates derived from the fractional remainders of the level 7 scale.