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Perspective Projection

Big shout out to Robert Kooima at LSU and CCT for his work on perspective projection. After about a week of failed attempts to derive the 6 different projection matrices needed for the view, I had a breakthrough last night and this evening.


I am beefing up the tools so that I can test this method in the actual simulator tomorrow. I think any seams that I currently see are hidden by the bezels of the monitors and the stenciled areas of the viewports.



Motion Tests Day 16

Finally tried out the Asco Numatics Sentronic D today! You may recall I acquired a test unit the same time I purchased a gross of E22’s. Not sure how Numatics can recommend the Sentronic D over the E22 regarding “constantly changing setpoints” as the E22 seems to do a better job. Pros:

  • Easy installation (unless you are using a modular manifold then you are screwed)
  • Easy to wire up (no custom harnesses required)
  • Very precise (I tested the 50 PSI, large 8mm DN unit) high-resolution control


  • Requires more amperage, necessitating a larger 24V PSU
  • Significantly slower response time (no adjustment for trading speed vs. accuracy)
  • 40% of the flow rate compared to the E22 (0.81Cv vs. about a 2.0 Cv)

While I was out there, I added a pressure regulator to trim down the door closing force (safety concern). I also added a switch inside the door (temporary momentary switch to be replaced by an indicating, illuminated switch down the road). I wasn’t sure what path to take for integrating the switch in avionics – for now I made a custom device called “Door” which tracks the state, shares the state on a virtual component that gets monitored by CAS, and therefore allows us to send OPEN/CLOSE (from the exterior keyboard passcodes) and TOGGLE (interior momentary switch) commands. Finally, with the E22 back in service I caught a little of my wife’s first flight in the box:

Motion Tests Day 15

Eureka!  I completed my first flight inside the box on the new motion system and it worked great!  The past few days have been spent mixing and matching control heads and valve bodies from an eBay lot I purchased.


My son and daughter took turns too.  Technically my son was the first passenger because I was still doing some calibrating.  I got the test bench program set up to respond to joystick input.


The platform is very responsive and sensitive and the effect of the pitch and roll is very effective with no outside references.