Monthly Archives: November 2013

Display Screens

ThrustMaster makes an MFD overlay with 20 buttons and two switches that are backlit.  Their marketing is kind of deceiving as they do NOT include the LCD monitor but only some cardboard templates that LOOK like displays.


Found the CAD dimensions online… 5.5″ square.  A monitor would have to be 4.25″ at it’s smallest dimension to work behind it… 5.5″ would be ideal because you could adhese the overlay directly to the LCD screen.


On another note, here are some ideas to tantalize you with the wrap.  Obviously very preliminary but I like the background image a lot.  I am currently working with Genius (Taiwan camera company) to see if they want to buy the whole thing.


Surgery Was A Success

We have a bunch of MIL-SPEC switches but they take T1-1/2 T5.5 telephone slide base lamps rated at 12VDC and up.  I would love to run them directly from a microcontroller board!

I actually went so far as to line up a Korean firm to custom make these (highly recommend them).

Tonight I attempted to replace the bulb with a white 3VDC LED.  It was easy… I performed and tested it twice in 5 minutes… only 62 more to go!


ECS Woes

Blower is only 90 CFM on high. That made it kind of pointless to integrate blower speed control with the computer.  Now I am looking at a couple of AC blower motors on eBay.

Woke up this morning and the overnight low was 18°F … I checked the Dropship and here is what I saw.  Apparently 1800 BTU is insufficient to hold 70°F inside but 60°F isn’t terrible.  I might have to supplement heat when the AvionicsBayLowTemp is triggered.

11-12-2013 9-31-57 AM