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Treehouse Avatar Technologies

Another new one for us – notice of potential patent infringement with Rise: The Vieneo Province.

Excerpt from a joystiq article:

A company named Treehouse Avatar Technologies was granted United States Patent No. 8,180,858 in May [2012], which covers a “Method And System For Presenting Data Over A Network Based On Network User Choices And Collecting Real-Time Data Related To Said Choices,” according to the patent’s title. In other words, it covers a method of taking and tracking user choices over a network, a vague description to say the least.

We learned that their business model is called “patent trolling” wherein the plaintiff hires an intellectual property firm to put feelers out and litigate against firms where they identify there is money to be had.

Lateral Stability


Paraphrased from Continental’s website:

The lateral stiffness of air bellows differs greatly from type to type. For the individual air bellows types, the following lateral stiffness values – relative to the axial stiffness – can be expected. The specified percentages are for the recommended operating height for vibration isolation.


Single convolution 30 to 60%

Double convolution 5 to 30%

Belted 30 to 50%

Triple convolution 0% (not recommended)

Rolling lobe 0% (without restraining cylinder)

Sleeve type 0% (without restraining cylinder)

Motion Tests Day 13

Happy Independence Day!

The E22 I ordered didn’t arrive as expected while I was on vacation… I guess this is what I get by dealing with a local distributor instead of online order, tracking, delivered.  They are looking into it.

I had some time this morning and spent almost 2 hours playing with the motion platform and test bench program.  At half the weight (1200 pounds) I had it working pretty well and had made several tweaks to the program to account for non-linearity, etc.  So I added the additional 1000 pounds and found it to be too squirrely at low PSI settings… I really was running out of time so I tried to retract the whole platform into it’s storage position and had a lot of trouble keeping it lined up – it actually wedged the back left bellow’s top convolute above the metal frame (probably very bad for the rubber) before I realized and repositioned it.

I am wondering now since it worked well at half the weight if getting larger diameter bellows would help… maybe I will get one or two and see.

Finally, the Air Lift Dominators that I purchased have a minimum height specification of 2.8″ so I built the frame to hold the weight off of them at 3.0″.  However, it still seems as if the weight is resting on the fully retracted bellows (I thought that was a no-no).  So I am contacting the company about that.

IMG_20130704_104441 IMG_20130704_105059

On the Road

Took a break from construction.  Missed my deadline for weatherization tests.

Budget rental car is a joke… in Durango we waited 30 minutes to receive a damaged compact car for the price of our intermediate reservation and held $750 on our credit card.

Arches National Park was a great deal of fun and beauty… $10 for the family to get in and keep your receipt to come back as much as you want.  If you are really cheap, get to Arches before 7:30 and it is free!


Landscape Arch


Panoramic at Arches National Park

Dead horse fee does not work at canyon lands and is a waste of money and tune compared to Arches… We never made it to Canyonlands because it was out of the way.


Panoramic at Dead Horse Point