Monthly Archives: March 2013

Static Stars

Finally figured out how to just draw points using shader level 4.  A lot more pre-declaration than I am used to.  But it is exciting because I was able to get a VS and PS working and doing what I want… now I just have to get the GS up and running because apparently Microsoft deprecated point-sprites in DX11… and it is only showing up on one monitor!

3-30-2013 1-07-25 PM

March Madness

I don’t have enough space to start working on starboard paneling so I started playing with the swivel mount for the gunner.

Still waiting for spring to start so I haven’t moved the trailer back to the front yard yet. Plenty of work to do but this is putting us into June to get the sheathing done for weatherization tests before electronics go in… and I was hoping to catch the April showers!

Arms of Venus

I think we have decided on the name of the new game and that it will be more of an MMOFPS than an MMORPG.  We are really focusing on the gameplay but also want to have a marked improvement in the graphics.


I am working on some calculations for the surface map (starting literally from the ground up on the graphics).  Turns out that you can start picking the ground up around 30 km which equates to a 600 km radius of ground data that has to be defined.  If we use level 7 data for Venus that gives us 3.41 pixels per km or 0.3 km per pixel resolution at 30 km.

3-12-2013 12-47-35 PM