Monthly Archives: August 2012

Decisions, Decisions

Two of the 3″ x 18″ actuators on the way.  Will need to figure out how to attach them over this next week.

We are exchanging the M1d for an M2d siting safety concerns with the unit if the signal voltage was to drop (computer lost power or died, cable unplugged or breaks).

Decision made not to upgrade to the higher sensitivity accelerometer because the vibration induced by the compressor is slightly higher than the 0.002 G noise we get from the current model.

Speaking of noise, I wrote an algorithm to simulate the noise and then wrote a deadband algorithm for the output.  The idea is to save wear and tear on the M2d and to prevent filtered, dried air from being wasted.

Motion Tests Day 9

Mostly successful test.  The darn platform is just too heavy – I think if it weighed about 500 pounds it would work a lot smoother and more responsive.  The right roll actuator came loose at the bottom U-joint attachment point at the end.  Based on the graph it looks like if we upgraded to 3″ bore from 1.5″ cylinders and filter the noise from the accelerometer  we would be in business!

My Birthday Present

My brother-in-law really caught me off guard for my birthday.  He presented my present last Saturday – an amazing interpretation of Spunkmeyer’s helmet!  The base is a Gentex HGU-39/P helmet I paid less than $16 for on eBay.  I gave it to him probably 8 months ago to play with and forgot all about it.  The only work that needs to be done is swapping out the earphones for GA (not military) because of the impedance and to add a GA microphone and boom.