Monthly Archives: September 2011

Replaced SPH-4 Headset

I found out the hard way that helicopter and military aviation headsets and helmets with integrated headsets use different impedance electronics than general aviation.

SPH-4 Helmet with HS-1 Speakers and Microphone/Boom

I found an HS-1 on eBay for pretty cheap.  I took apart the SPH-4 and rewired it… which went really well but made me sad because the guy I bought the SPH-4 from took really good care of it!

My boss has had a long-standing program to encourage prompt meeting attendance – if you are late, you owe a buck.  Once the pool grows to a C-note we donate it to a worthy cause (last time it went to Jack’s Heart Fund).  This time my boss made an online ballot using our Encompass product and asked us all to cast a vote.  He added me to the ballot because of this project and I was just tickled.  To the amazement of us both, I won!

I am deeply appreciative of the support from my coworkers and friends in the development team.  I promised to post what I purchased with those funds and you will find it very fitting – it is a cylinder to replace the center column which will hold the majority of the weight of the enclosure (approximately 1600 pounds) and allows for up to 16 inches of heave.

Purchased one of these Parker 2A Cylinders on eBay (paid $108 with shipping)

I think it would be great as a group to take the simulator to Children’s Mercy (one of our clients) when it is finished.  The feeling is priceless!

Flange and threaded rod

I took the double-cardan to a local machine shop and they removed the extra 2″ steel pipe off the end, tapped and threaded a hole into the bottom of the yoke for a 3/4-16 bolt and then welded a flange on there that I had bought as a makeshift spring perch.  After I got it back I painted it blue… 😉

Why does it look so much more awesome in blue?