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MacArthur Grant Application

INTENDED USE For the research, development, and construction of a simulator that can be used relatively inexpensively to motivate and educate the general public about the future of aviation and space travel.
PARTICIPANTS Jason Reskin – Graduated, with honors,CentralMissouriStateUniversitywith a Bachelor of Science in Flight Operations.  He has been involved with eight (8) similar projects since 1984.  His experience includes flight operations, networking (IPX and TCP/IP), programming (C++, DirectX API, and web design), engineering and pneumatics, astrodynamics, and computer hardware installation.  He is currently an airline pilot for a Delta subsidiary.  He will be the project manager and will oversee the programming and construction.


Ian Lambert- GraduatedKansasStateUniversitywith a Bachelor of Science in Architecture.  He has been involved with eight (8) similar projects since 1988.  His experience is with visual expression and is manifested physically (sculptures, murals, paintings, books, blueprints, and storyboards) and virtually (computer graphic meshes and texturization).  His creative writing and illustration skills were used to recently publish a book and he is actively working on another.  He will be responsible for the artwork used (in the virtual universe and within the simulation) and for architectural blueprints (and conceptual drawings) for construction.


Jennifer Riley – GraduatedSouthwestMissouriStateUniversitywith a Bachelor of Science in Geography.  Her studies were concentrated on Travel and Tourism.  She has many years of experience in sales and customer service and has excellent organizational skills and leadership qualities.  She will be responsible for seeking out and working with interested parties, scheduling the travel and utilization of the simulator itself, and for promotional merchandise,


Bryan Ball – Graduated theUniversityofNotreDame with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.  He has experience with C++, Visual Basic, Perl, PHP, ASP, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, database design, and application architecture.  He is currently working on a Microsoft implementation of a web-based Customer Relationship Management System for  He will be the webmaster for the informational site and will oversee the compatibility with the open standards that are currently being developed.


Wade Tripp – Graduated theUniversityofKansas Citywith a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.  He has experience with GUI design, software development, and has been a valuable consultant for eight (8) previous projects since 1984.  He currently administrates theParkUniversitynetwork and webpage.  He will be responsible for programming design, databases, API and platform selection, and web interface integration.


Kari Perry – GraduatedWilliamJewellCollegewith a Bachelor of Art in Art.  She has worked in the graphics field for nine (9) years.  Starting out as a layout artist for a newspaper inTexas, she moved to be a designer at an insurance firm inKansas Cityand was responsible for newsletters that went out monthly and biannually to agents.  She is currently the creative director atWilliamJewellCollege.  Along with all of the other marketing materials used by the school, she creates newsletters to market various departments on campus to the community.  She will be responsible for our public relations, marketing, and the weekly publication of a HTML newsletter.

ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE Unistellar Industries (UI) is a registered entity in the State ofMissouri.  No parent organization.


Argus Foundation is the original and former name which is still registered in the State ofMissouri.




14500 NW 73RD ST
KANSAS CITYMO  64152-5107






(816) 217-3877

(816) 741-5315

PRINCIPAL CONTACT Jason Reskin is listed as the sole-proprietor and has the title of Project Manager.

If the organization is ultimately incorporated (under discussion), then Jason Reskin will become the President.


SANFORDFL  32773-4978




(407) 688-7150