Monthly Archives: August 1998

Tuesday, August 18, 1998

A successful test flight was completed today. Jason Reskin and Ian Lambert alternated between dockmaster and flight officer positions leaving Cadet Amy Riley at the controls to learn. We reverted to an older code for handling the primary thrust control inputs. Up until this point, the newer code made space travel easier in that the throttle controlled a desired speed variable, and let the primary computer core handle the required accelleration and decelleration curves. As everyone becomes more comfortable with the complexity of the flight, and as new innovations are made making the information displays more helpful, we can revert to the more realistic yet harder control method of actually controlling exponential thrust from 0 to 20 meters/secondĀ². This is not without its intertial disadvantages, which will need to be addressed in the upcoming test flights. Other side effects left Cadet Amy Riley to learn without the advantages of asymmetrical thrust compensation, something everyone should try at least once in their life.