Wind Tunnel

Sorry I haven’t been posting lately, I have had my head down working on the flight dynamics for a week.

At first I thought the tail design for the Dropship was a V-tail and an inverted Pelikan.


That would have worked with the existing wind tunnel algorithms from Rise but unfortunately what we are looking at is more like the X-tail concept which is a whole bag of worms with 4 discreet channels that can result in pitch, roll, yaw, and spoiler motions.


So I am rewriting the wind tunnel piece by piece, taking it to the next level in every respect. For example we used to only count the vertical stabilizer and rudder sections in the weather-vane algorithm. Now I have it computing the clean (gear up) and dirty (gear extended) profile drag and weighted arms for both Z (for yaw) and Y (for roll) tendency!


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