Status Report

Beefed up the bottom frame with two of those angle braces for each roll actuator and an extra 2.5″ of wood mostly to raise the actuator up.


Roll actuator U-joints are upgraded with coupler nuts (much cheaper than the 3/4-10 rod clevis route).


Waiting for the weather to improve and waiting to get some free time so I can install these bad boys.  I got the 24VDC PSU from China and tested it so I will be installing him permanently in the avionics compartment when I take the topsoil off again to access the right roll actuator U-joint bolt.

Not sure what I am doing with the springs yet… not sure if these beefy actuators will fit up the middle now!

Bidding on an 5850 Eyefinity 6 card so that I can test the frustums, angle offsets, stencils, etc over the winter.  Waiting for an answer from ATI about the 2×2 plus 2 extended configuration (mixed mode).

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