Stationary Orbit Above Venus Clouds

I performed an interesting exercise over lunch today.  Calculating the geostationary orbit above a floating mine in the clouds of Venus at 50 km AGL.  I used this tool online.

2-6-2013 1-11-41 PM

Satellite at altitude 142900.264 km

630942.04 seconds in a sidereal day, 60.27m/s (216.96km/h) base velocity

actual g: 8.869399842321876m/s2

324835411994007.75=GM (μ), 0.01 g (orbit)

Orbital velocity: 1476.75 m/s (5316.32 km/h)

Orbital length 633750 seconds (176 hr 2 min 30 sec)

Max visible latitude: 88 degrees.9260.2km coverage radius
0.48s/0.5s min/max one-way radio transit time.

That is considerably lower than the SOI for Venus (616,000 km) and Venus has no moons… much better than I can say for geostationary orbit above a ground position (1,536,647 km) with it’s super slow retrograde rotation (243 days).  But still, that is pretty far away!

I will leave you with a cloud density profile that I found online.


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