Screen Protection

Over the next couple weeks I am going to be installing all of the monitors so that we can start applying the interior skin and also start playing with multiple frustum rendering.  Once they are in place I will take precise measurements of each of the corners of the monitors so that we can compute the frustums from some arbitrary point between the two airmen.


Protect the monitors from scratches, easier cleaning, glare inside cockpit is more realistic, and helps another pressure distribution layer in case someone bumps a screen.

Product chosen is Optix® Acrylic Sheet from Professional Plastics.

Optix® acrylic sheet is crystal clear, durable, weather-resistant and lightweight. It also offers the advantages of high molecular weight for ease of fabrication, low heat loss for economy and an attractive clear edge color.

For the 55″ monitors we need 4 sheets at 26.875 x 47.75 (26.75 x 47.625 +/- 0.125)

One of which I already cut from an old projection screen TV that was dismantled.

And another of which is 53.75 x 47.75 (53.625 x 47.625 +/- 0.125) which I will try to thermal form for the top middle.

For the 42″ monitors we need 2 sheets at 20.75 x 36.75 (20.625 x 36.625 +/- 0.125)

Did a number of calculations but placing the whole order at once saves 40% on shipping.

$47.71 shipping on whole $174.16 order is 27%
$25.32 shipping on partial $37.84 order is 67%
$25.70 shipping on partial $64.30 order is 40%
$28.57 shipping on partial $102.14 order is 28%
$30.25 shipping on $128.60 is 24% (all but curved piece)
$34.44 shipping on $65.56 is 53% (curved piece only)

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