Saturday, October 31, 1998

Happy Halloween! We took a successful test flight (Ian Lambert and Jason Reskin) and made a few decisions. The new accelleration method, although it has its advantages and is more realistic, has been deemed too difficult to operate with our current navigational information. During this week of programming, the code will be reverted. Additionally, five 100mhz Pentium computers have been ordered to replace the front view screen machines. This came about after the old 100mhz Pentium that used to run the dockmaster’s station was upgraded and the previous motherboard was installed in the new crew rest area. While testing it, it was apparent that our speed problems were not the fault of the texture mapping routine as much as the fault of the old 486 processors. A problem that has been plauging the dockmaster station for more than a month was identified as a new PCI network card that had a full-duplex mode enabled on it which was undetectable unless there was a high traffic situation on the network (during flights). We were also added to the Cape Canaveral Webring (see links) this weekend, so our traffic to this site should increase (we can only hope!).

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