Saw it at 12:01 this morning with my dad in IMAX 3D.  Quite a ride!  The sets and special effects were everything I expected.  The acting was great.  The music start out great but ended on a good note (pun intended). The story was good… it has a couple of holes that could probably be explained away but for the masses it will be a head-scratcher.  Definitely a prequel to Alien, no doubt about it… but we are on LV-223 (if you missed it) not LV-426.

Stopped at the salvage yard on the way home.  They wanted $35 on average for a spring/strut assembly and wouldn’t sell the spring separately even if I had the right tool (which I didn’t). They also only had one of the U-joints that I liked so I ended up having to buy something different.

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