Packing List

Packing list / manifest (more detail)

1.  Large enclosure – Flight simulator – special loading, unloading, handling instructions exist

2.  Box labeled 2 containing parts removed from item #1 so that it could fit in the C cargo container –

Monitor, wooden enclosure for monitor, door handle mechanism, ceiling strobe cover, ceiling vent

adapter, vent for monitor enclosure, lens covers, vent covers, miscellaneous spare motherboards,

audio, video, I/O, and memory cards and processors, spare disk drive and diskettes, spare light

bulbs, spare reel of wire, hard-hat, and spare computer power supply.

3.  Box labeled 3 containing motion control system components and others –

*NOTE* some of these items are inside cardboard boxes or tool boxes inside

Pistons with attachment plates, universal joints, and connectors, nuts, bolts, relays, T connectors,

hoses, desiccant filter and spare desiccant, Teflon tape, quick disconnect junctions, compressor

manual, headphones, 9/16 open and box end wrench, ratchet set, lubricating oil, flashlight, glue

gun and glue sticks, charger and batteries for included cordless drill, utility knife, hacksaw blade,

measuring tape, and a straightedge ruler

Inside of this box is a cardboard box containing the following –

Multimeter, soldering gun and solder, wire, wire caps, wire cutters, pliers, spare electrical

amplifier, switches, cables, bulbs, manuals, power supplies, tape, spacer foot,

spare potentiometers, paint can tool, manual screwdriver, sandpaper, and masking tape

Inside of this box is a cardboard box containing the following –

Communications headset, cables, box, amplifier, voice augmenter, and power supply

4.  Box labeled 4 containing 2 computers, monitor, switch boxes, keyboard, mouse, and cabling, and a box

of screws

5.  Compressor

6.  8 spring and pad assemblies

7.  Box labeled 5 containing a caulk gun, liquid nails, an assortment of paint colors in different size

containers, paint brush, conduit brackets, and corner protectors

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