When the price drops, be the first to know!

More and more people are turning to online shopping these days.  Heck, aside from lumber and paint, I have ordered almost everything I needed for the Dropship project on eBay.  And it isn’t every day I share a tool that saves you money so I thought I would share this one.

NotifyPrice has an elegant simplicity going for it.  No sign-up process, no verification process, just provide your link and your email address (more options are available for advanced users).  It works with every retailer I have thrown at it (eBay included).  And it has saved me $15 on a hard drive, $35 on a flight suit, $5 on a motion sensor light, and it keeps going.

Although it is marketed as a “sale price” notification tool, it is more than that.  You can also use it as a centralized “smart” wishlist (the toolset for organizing is expanding every week). And even if you bought something already, you can watch the price for a specified period of time to make sure they don’t lower it and owe you money back (Amazon, for example, does this for 7 days from the delivery date).

Anyway, please give it a try.  Tell your friends.  Save some money!

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