New Season Is Upon Us

New rate structure

Our insurance company lowered our property insurance premium by almost $1000 annually. That, in combination with a more aggressive schedule (114 billable hours) helped us lower our hourly rate to $127 (37% less than last year).  In addition, rather than charging a flat rate for travel within 25 miles we are doing a more realistic per-mile charge of $3.34 (the average gig is 10 miles from our dispatch location).


We submitted our application for the 5th annual Maker Faire KC at Union Station towards the end of June.

New scenario

We expect to keep “Walk in the Park” as a great introductory flight – but we have begun conceptualizing “In the Pipe 5 by 5” as a drop from the farming tier through the clouds and landing down at the mining tier. We will be enhancing the graphics to include clouds, other vehicles, and the new farm structure. The motion will simulate turbulence in the cloud deck and the audio system will simulate varying degrees of precipitation outside.

Cockpit interior

The gunner station is still on the list from last year – as well as illuminating the buttons around the flight displays.

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