New Actuators

Received two of these Allen Air 3×18 LF units from eBay Tuesday.

I got around to testing one of them last night and there is a lot of air leakage under 50 PSI.  I wrote Allen Air’s engineers and they wrote back:

O-Rings have a Shelf Life of about 15 years. In a cylinder it could be less due to compression set. The O-Ring will flattens out on the O.D and the I.D. This happens when the cylinder is not in use. There is a date code on the cylinder #106. The cylinder is 6 years old. All you may need is a packing kit #A3LFP (field serviceable).

I am waiting on a quote from their distributor on this “packing kit” before I return them to the eBay seller at his cost.  There is nothing else wrong with them except that they aren’t made to sit around apparently. I haven’t had this problem with Norgren or Parker products but those are for smaller bore applications anyway maybe there is a difference with the O-rings.

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  1. reskin Post author

    The packing kit did the trick. A handful of rubber O-rings and plastic sleeve bearings for $70 and you don’t even use all of them (universal kit). Not such a great eBay deal… buyer beware!


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