Motion Tests Day 8

Nothing but trouble.  Installed the lateral spring assist assemblies and it appeared that the right roll transducer failed.  Next time I fired up the compressor the rear pitch transducer wasn’t working so I am guessing it is an icing problem because of the humidity.

Tests I ran ended up punching a small hole in the bottom sheathing because of a improperly placed support I made for transport.  Then I ended up breaking the wood bottom plate for the right roll actuator.  And there are noises from the left roll actuator’s linear bearing (probably damaged from side-load before I added the U-joints to the bottom of the roll actuators).

Overall very depressing!

I started looking at E/P Proportional 2/3 Valves last night but the cheapest I could find was $550.  I was looking for cheaper ones on eBay but found I found these 500-EH transducers on eBay for a fraction of the cost I paid for the replacement left roll transducer.  So I got to thinking that I can simulate a proportional valve programmatically by connecting the opposite transducer to the top port on the actuator.  Not sure if that will give me more control or not – I am also looking at flow control valves.

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