Motion Tests Day 6

A few notable changes in the software between day 5 and today:

Dynamic control limit for joystick (0-20 degrees)
Calculating and logging acceleration rate
Clamping rate desired and rate differential
Heave is now enabled again
Configurable frame time
Two additional event buttons
Fixed counter for 10 second min/max calculations
Fixed min/max calculation (not resetting pit/rol rates)
pitlimit was NAN

The latency can be visualized as a phase shift in the attached Excel chart.

I have a couple of theories to try for day 7 tests.  First, the static friction value should only be used initially if the current voltage above trim is less than the dynamic friction value.  Therefore we must also declare a dynamic friction value (in degrees per second).

Second, I think we should try effecting a change on the system and then waiting 0.3 seconds for the results (EDIT: verified this was already the case).

Finally I wanted to investigate the desired rate calculation… is 60°/s really necessary to adjust 20°?

To speed things up I am also initializing the values for all the sliders to the most recent successful numbers.

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