Motion Tests Day 10

Definitely need the packing kits for these actuators.  They are leaking like a sieve!

M2d is installed.  From the factory they come set for 0 to +10 VDC with the closed position at +5 VDC – I had to change the DIP switches after I had it installed (note for future installations) to work with -10 VDC to +10VDC so that 0 VDC is our closed position.  One question is whether or not that 0 VDC can be “floating” for short periods of time.

I didn’t have any weight on the platform (only 380 pounds) but because of the leaking I couldn’t continue with the tests.  However, when the pressure in the actuator exceeded 30 PSI or so the seal “locked” and it was quite strong – all my might I couldn’t get it to budge (which is really promising).

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