Monday, May 17, 1999

Following the previous news, we had our first passenger carrying flight that did not contain any published test items. This occured on Saturday, May 8. This was also Mr. Tom Seck’s first flight with us, and for the short time he was actually on the flight deck, rumor has it he did a good job. The simulator performed almost perfectly despite a few problems bringing it online initially due to the motion control program not getting sycronized. The few problems that were found in the programming have since been easily corrected. Now that the new navigation formulas have been tested, it was decided over this past weekend to continue work in an effort to finish a much more graphical version of the screen which is based on the new layout, color, and font standards. Many things have been updated on this site and we suggest you take a look around. If you have not heard about SETI’s “at home” program, please check out the added link for them under “Links”. Although our organization does not have a position on the existance of extraterrestrial intelligence, their program is an exciting way to utilize the hundreds of thousands of desktop computers that are idle worldwide at this very moment.

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