Live Broadcasting

Compared Ustream to Livestream and went with Ustream.  You can see the channel feed on the left above the archived content.  If we aren’t “live” you have access to previously recorded video.  Much easier than what I tried before!  I will basically leave it up and running 24/7 but send notifications through the channel of planned sessions and I will record those planned sessions.

The cameras I have are horrible.  The ones I bought on eBay have a 12 mm lens!  According to this calculator that means I am only getting a field of view (FOV) of 28 degrees!  So their claim that they are 60 degrees is just bogus.


In researching a good replacement I ended up buying the Genius F100.  It boasts a 120 degree field of view and 2 MP per frame at 30 FPS (required for HD video).  Should get it in a few days.  Another bonus is that it has a stereo microphone built in!


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