Gas Powered Compressor

Found a deal on eBay here in Independence, MO.  Much bigger than I need but too good of a deal to pass up.

Picked it up 6/28, bolted it to the trailer that weekend. It uses 3/8 NPT connectors (yes, two of them) so I had to buy a 3/8 plug and 3/8 NPT to 3/8 ID barb (at a 90 degree angle to boot) which they don’t carry at local hardware stores. Got those in the mail this week and fired up the unit tonight for the first time. It started on the first pull and purrs like a kitten although my wife said she thought it was loud when it was filling from our bedroom. We are waiting on a plastic piece called the “air conveyor” that was broken on the top of the unit (didn’t see that when I inspected on pickup). Cargo Largo (the seller) refunded me $15 for the part.

It has been so hot lately that is really my reason for not getting much progress outside. I have been working in the basement though. I moved the overhead furring strips 2″ out either side and fixed the wall on the left side. Starting to finish the wall out on the right side now. I had a lot of trouble getting the monitors on the left side off – one bolt broke on the 55″ and two broke on the 42″ it is so frustrating. I have the 55″ apart now and see that there is a better way – rather than trying to run a bolt through wood into a hole in the TV I can’t see I will attach bolts from the TV which go in the holes and get nuts on the other side (while they conveniently hold the TV in place). I can’t believe I spent $20 or more on their stupid M6 and M8 size friggen’ bolts!

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